Spotify Bollywood Hits Disappeared One by One Like Kala Chashma

Spotify Bollywood Hits: Just think that you try to listen to the songs on your favorite playlist that you have just taken several hours to make and then you know that half the songs are missing from it. If you are a Bollywood fan and you have a spatial account, then in such a situation you may not even have to think much because this app is missing the songs of India’s most famous films.

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Spotify says they have not been able to sign a new contract after the old contract with the owners of these songs. Songs that have been heard millions of times such as ‘Baji Rao Mastani’ song ‘Malhari’ or ‘repeated watch’ movie song ‘Kala Chashma’ have now been deleted.

Spotify Bollywood Hits Disappeared

Due to this, most people’s playlists have been incomplete because they only realized that they tried to listen to these songs. When BBC Newsbeat spoke to Bollywood fan Vishma Rai, she was traveling on a passenger coach at the time. Generally, she used to remove her journey with the help of films like ‘Klink’ and ‘Ram Leela’.

However, they are no longer getting a lot of songs. She says, “I’m very sad, it’s very wrong.” ‘It is very wrong that the songs of the cloak have been removed. My favorite song was the title track of the movie, I am very sad. I don’t know what to hear now. ‘ For fans like Vishma, the music plays the role of the film in Bollywood. This makes the film know and they live in headphones for the next several years. All about Spotify Bollywood Hits.

Even if the film is not popular, people still remember him because of his music. Another favorite song of Vishma is ‘Nagara Singh Dhol’, which is the song of ‘Ram Leela’, which is the best movie ever, according to him. She says, ‘It’s so disturbing that these songs have disappeared. They play an important role in my life daily. Now I don’t know what I will do. It’s very disturbing and I miss them. ‘

Disappeared Bollywood Hits Gossips

Similarly, another such fan Zenith told Newsbeat that he had just abolished his Spotify subscription. Similarly, most users have tried to go to Twitter and Red Attack to find out if they are alone or the rest. Spotify has said on his website that he does not give access to all songs and paddests around the world. Like any streaming app, contracts to obtain content in Spotify.

It is like other services and net flakes, where some films and TV shows are removed after a fixed period. However, fans like Vishma still hope that there may be good news in this regard. Spotify says he will try to find a unique solution to the problem again with good intentions and talk to Xi Music about what is one of India’s largest entertainment companies.

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