When Will the 2nd Season of ‘House of the Dragon’ Be Released?

House of the Dragon Season 2: The shooting of the second season of the series “House of Dragon” of the American channel HBO Max has started. According to the report of a foreign news agency, the shooting of this blockbuster series is being done in the UK, which will be presented to the audience by 2024.

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon Season 2

It is said that the second season of House of the Dragoon will have 6 episodes instead of 8 like the first season. On the other hand, it is also being said that the third season of House of Dragon will also be presented, but no information has been provided regarding when it will be released.

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Pathan’s Glorious Success SRK Bought The Most Expensive Car

Pathan’s Glorious Success: Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan bought a new car worth crores of rupees to celebrate the record breaking success of the film Pathan. According to Indian media, Shah Rukh Khan has bought a Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge SUV worth more than 10 crore rupees, this car is a special edition model of Cullinan.

Pathan's Glorious Success

Pathan’s Glorious Success

In a video that has gone viral on the internet, Shah Rukh Khan is seen driving his new white shiny car on the streets of Mumbai with his distinctive 0555 number plate on it. It should be noted that Shah Rukh Khan already has the most expensive vehicles like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Cruiser.

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Rabia Anum’s Answer to Resham Worshipers Can Also Suffer

Worshipers Can Also Suffer: Well known anchor and host Rabia Anum says that people who are committed to fasting and salat are also prone to depression. And recently, in a private TV program, actress Resham said that a person who is close to Allah cannot suffer from depression, depression is only a result of distance from Allah.

Rabia Anum

This statement of Resham sparked a debate on social media and users including showbiz personalities also criticized Resham and said that depression is a regular disease and should not be associated with the worship of Allah.

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