Insurance Auto Auctions Topic: Insurance Auto auctions is a process of selling used and new vehicles, the system which is used for this process is called “Auction System“.  Although Most countries and nation are using this protected system but it is not common in use.  Specific countries which are using this system mostly include Japan, United States, United Kingdom.

Insurance Auto Auctions Topic

Insurance Auto Auctions Inc:Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc is a leading online auto auction company and they also owned wholly subsidiary of “KAR Auction Services Inc“ insurance Auto Auctions, Inc is also known as “Los Angeles Auto Salvage” insurance Auto Auctions headquartered in Westchester, Illinois.

Insurance Auto Auctions Topic

IAA have more than 160 auction facilities to their client in North America main towing, title services and financing. And IAA have million of registered buyer, seller, vendor around the world. IAA offered world best opportunities to bid and purchased the vehicles. Also IAA founded since 1982. Main countries which provides the facilities are United States and Canada.

IAA deals auction in Repairable vehicles, parts-cars & trucks,dealer trade-in,recovered- theft, fleet lease and rental vehicles. Major auction areas are include Automobiles, Motorcycles, Recreational and Commercial vehicles, Vehicles Equipment and much more.

On September 25, 2012 they launched IAA Title Management and Title Tracker tool for their customers to manage the entire salvage disposition process. They provides two type of services for title procurement and management offering. First one is Full services and second is Self Services.

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